We offer infrastructure evaluation and planning services including:
- Site Spacial Analysis
- Life Cycle Costing Evaluations
- Feasibility Assessments
- Energy Analysis and Energy Sourcing Options
- Data Logging
- Risk Management Assessments
Our master agreement partners use us to assist in developing projects, defining opportunities, defining budgets and savings options. We expedite this work in order to bring solutions and options quickly to clients for decision. Our creativity and experience yield great benefit to our clients for this development work. Our ability to bring forward options with each group of solutions is well appreciated by our clients in any decision-making process.

We thoroughly assess a customer’s existing energy infrastructure and workplace to find ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce consumption. We analyze the cost benefit of upgrading, replacing or monitoring energy assets and systems, including HVACR, process and lighting. In addition, we employ best practices to speed repair and maintain infrastructure for peak performance.
The volatility of energy prices in the marketplace has heightened the value of energy risk management. A company’s “energy portfolio” contains not only the cost of energy commodities, but also the cost of energy equipment repair, maintenance and replacement. Typically, each of these elements is managed separately by different functional groups that do not coordinate their management, budgeting and project processes.
Our energy management services are a proven way for companies to reduce their energy costs, manage the risks of energy price volatility, improve and maintain a high-performing energy infrastructure and refocus resources on their core businesses.
Trent Enterprises can improve every area of a company’s energy portfolio by tapping into a unique blend of highly talented energy management professionals, new proven technologies, and an unmatched scale of resources.

Project services typically performed generally include:
- Detailed site energy investigations to identify all potential energy savings projects
- Energy and capital cost modeling and analysis to quantify economically viable projects
- Detailed energy development of economically viable projects including preliminary design for constructability and construction cost estimating
- Detailed engineering design of approved projects
- Turnkey construction of approved projects
- Financing and energy commodity supply

Trent’s design-build (engineer and construct) capabilities are unique in the industry, as we house a full-service engineering group and a follow an unmatched approach to project delivery, from initial concept, to final commissioning. Trent’s engineering group is comprised of a team of engineers that are uniquely qualified and experienced in field engineering practice.

It is our belief that the best qualified engineering personnel are those with years of in-the-field experience having had direct exposure to an array of industries, building types, and construction methods. As such, we maintain a core group of engineering professionals trained in many disciplines and sub-specialties. These engineers constantly learning at seminars and on projects.

At the heart of our engineer and construct success is the philosophy of integration between our Engineering Division and Construction Division. In short we believe and practice that there is no such thing as “engineering phase” or “construction phase” of a project. Instead, both phases are, and remain, fully engaged throughout the entire course of a project, from initial concept to final commissioning. Construction personnel work closely with our engineers during the development and construction phases of a project to maximize construction efficiency. Engineer it right, build it right! Conversely, engineering personnel remain fully engaged throughout the construction process to inspect construction, ensure the design of any required field modifications, and fully test, qualify, and commission a system upon completion. Our engineering personnel are engaged in training of operations and maintenance personnel.

- Needs assessments
- Design optimization
- Systems and Network integration
- Controls commissioning
- Operator training
- Remote Monitoring
- Diagnostic Testing
Trent’s Engineering Division is led by a team of licensed engineers that are uniquely qualified and experienced in field-focused engineering applications. It is our belief that the best qualified engineering personnel are those with years of in-the-field experience having had direct experience to an array of industries, building types, and construction methods.

As such we maintain a core group of licensed engineering professionals engaged in several disciplines and sub-specialties including:

Mechanical Engineering with sub-specialties in:
- HVAC Engineering
- Computer Aid Design Drawings (CADD)
- Process Piping
- Central Chilled Water Plants
- Air Handling
- Pneumatic Conveying
- Dust and Fume Collection and Control
- Industrial Ventilation
- Building and Process Utilities
- Compressed Air Systems Engineering
- Medical Gases
- Investigation of non-performing buildings and systems
- Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
- Energy Auditing
- HVAC Systems’ Validation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Electrical Engineering with sub-specialties in:
- Power Distribution
- Controls
- Energy Auditing
- Cogeneration Analysis

- Customized Financing solutions
- But possible – ROI
- Analyze/balance cashflow
- Capital management needs
- Research financing
- Locate funding partners
- Measurement and verification requirements
- Providing value-add documentation