Project Description

Central Plant Chiller Capacity Increases, Emergency Generation and Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades at a Georgia Hospital:

Trent Services have been offered at this hospital since 2007. Work started with a complete rebuild of a 135,000 cfm air handler serving most of the common and patient spaces of the hospital. The AHU shell was retained however all the internals were replaced while conditioning was maintained to the facility. Access to the space was tight and all components were replaced in sections, with the use of temporary barriers and fan/coil equipment to maintain partial operation. New fans, new coils, new filters, new heat recovery coils, new doors, structural reinforcement of the shell, pumps and control upgrades.

The next project included a complete replacement of electrical transformers, new electrical switchgear, new building to house the new gear, new cable trays, demo of all old panels and wire, and wiring changeover one circuit at a time. Full documentation of existing wiring and panels throughout the hospital and an extensive switchover plan and coordination which extended over a number of months. Service was curtailed only a few hours for each major circuit changeover.

The next project included increase of emergency generator capacity, ATS switchgear, replacement of a number of legacy power distribution panels, all housed in the perimeter of the existing facility. A new electrical room was installed and a sophisticated PLC based control system was designed and installed by Trent to control the operation of generators and also allow non-critical demand load shedding when power is needed for critical and life safety needs in the hospital.

Trent replaced an air handler which served the pharmacy and adjacent areas of the hospital. A temporary air system was installed to cover the changeover period.

Finally, Trent designed and installed two central chiller water plant expansions, including two new water chillers, expansion of cooling tower systems, free-cooling system and associated pumps, removal of old tower and pumps and new secondary chilled water pumping system for the largest hospital air handler. Controls, ventilation and were all upgraded with these expansions. Piping systems were altered to remove some bottlenecks. The long term master plan will focus on improvements to the secondary chilled water system and air handling systems in the hospital.