Project Description

Air Handling and Energy upgrades – Showboat Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City NJ

This was a flagship project for Trent Enterprises. Complete renovation of several huge air handlers serving the hotel, including replacement of fans, coils, filters, ductwork, re-orientation of fans and sound attenuators.

Work was all done while air conditioning continued to the casino and hotel common spaces. As a later project, sophisticated application of air blenders, replacement of control air dampers and controls to improve system performance. Rework of controls for cooling towers and energy recovery from boiler stack gases to heat domestic services water were accomplished.

Finally, a sophisticated renovation of several air handlers with controls and freeze-proof protection sensors on chiller water coils to facilitate making of chilled water during aggressive economizing periods. The chilled water was used to facilitate shutdown of off-season chillers in order to serve chilled water needs during Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

The control system sequences were sophisticated and highly flexible to accommodate changing weather conditions and prevent freezing of coils while accomplishing the making of chilled water within the air handlers.