Trent Enterprises – Taking Design-Build to the Next Level

Trent Enterprises evolved from its parent company Trent Mechanical, a NJ based corporation successfully providing mechanical construction services since 1972 and now trading as Trent Enterprises. In dealing with the ever changing dynamics of the industry, we recognized the need to provide more than just construction services to position ourselves as a valuable and prudent choice to our clients. Time and time again we found a consistent pattern of the unsatisfactory process of integrating separate design services and subsequent construction services via different parties. Design products were often found to be over-designed with substandard quality, inaccuracies and used outdated, re-applied, technology.

Being at the mercy of boilerplate plans and specifications, construction efforts would fall victim to over design and often result in unnecessary cost overruns to the client, while not necessarily receiving a quality product. We find ourselves asking, “Just where is the creativity in this design?”

To combat these problems, the principals at Trent developed and transformed its company into a design-build firm in 1994, integrating both quality design and construction products to provide a prudent alternative to the client. With the success of this concept and the recent energy deregulation, Trent Enterprises has taken design-build to the next level by applying energy management and performance strategies.

Our focus is primarily on renovation and retrofit. Client service is Trent’s hallmark objective. Trent acts as an extension to the client, enhancing the effectiveness of their staff.

Orchestrating the talents of engineers and experienced construction staff into our solution development work, we bring forward better solutions, those which are both efficient and optimized.

Trent staff’s broad experience provides valuable creative input immediately to the evaluation process, reducing risk and maximizing bottom line project costs. Trent Enterprises offers integrated energy solutions which make buildings more efficient and profitable. Integrated energy solutions combine planning, engineering and implementation services with the solutions our clients need to substantially reduce capital and operating costs. Our integrated energy solutions provide strategic energy and infrastructure solutions to a variety of clients— building owners and managers, architects and engineers, project managers and energy service (ESCO) providers. Consistency and measured performance delivered on all projects, all of which are delivered on time and within the committed budget!

Trent Enterprises helps our clients install and retrofit integrated solutions for mechanical systems including, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVACR), process piping/systems, building automation and controls, compressed air systems, as well as other energy efficiency technologies. Having a thorough understanding of all the complex issues of today’s facility construction and operation, from fast-track design-build processes to the impacts of deregulation and advancing energy technology, the experienced team of Trent Enterprises’ engineering, construction management, automation system design and operations specialists have the expertise to create and deliver practical solutions to our client’s ever expanding facility challenges.

Contact us today – we look forward to adding you to our impressive list of satisfied clients.