Specializing In:

We offer infrastructure evaluation and planning services including:
- Site Spacial Analysis
- Life Cycle Costing Evaluations
- Feasibility Assessments
- Energy Analysis and Energy Sourcing Options
- Data Logging
- Risk Management Assessments
- Energy assessments and solutions
- Computer modeling
- Feasibility studies
- Performance mapping
- Product testing and assessment
Offering complete design-build services coupled with MEP mechanical, piping and electrical construction services, including:

- Heating
- Air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC)
- Refrigeration
- Steam generation
- Controls
- Process piping and ancillaries
- Compressed air and medical gas production and distribution
- Plumbing
- Electrical infrastructure
- Emergency power generation work
- Testing and balancing services

We perform construction management as part of our solutions delivery. Our systems will be designed in manner that will reduce construction costs, but also on-going operational and energy costs. For more information, visit our Services page.

- Needs assessments
- Design optimization
- Systems and Network integration
- Controls commissioning
- Operator training
- Remote Monitoring
- Diagnostic Testing
Trent’s Engineering Division is led by a team of licensed engineers that are uniquely qualified and experienced in field-focused engineering applications.

We offer detailed Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering services – see our Services page.
- Customized Financing solutions
- But possible – ROI
- Analyze/balance cashflow
- Capital management needs
- Research financing
- Locate funding partners
- Measurement and verification requirements
- Providing value-add documentation

Showcase Projects

Our project approach – from development and inspection, through construction and commissioning – is unequaled in the industry.